Sydney CNC Milling and Custom Foam Inserts

CNC custom foam insert

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) cutting service is the trendy and industry best way to ensure precise and accurate material cutting in Sydney. Armor Cases uses the CNC cutting method on our product transport cases. Product road cases like medical cases, TV cases, and similar others need wide varieties of bespoke design, and we at Armor Cases possess the professional experience and the right technological tools that can actualize your desire.

We accurately measure a customer product using the latest and efficient 3D laser scanner. The materials we can cut include plywood panel, MDF, acrylic, aluminum sheet up to 6mm thick, and foam sheet.

Why Choose CNC Custom Foam Cutting?

Foam is a hardwearing and versatile material used in various industries like the toy, entertainment, fancy dress costumes, film and other related areas to help store, preserve, and safely keep delicate items from breakage and scratch.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) foam cutting is a popular cutting technology used to cut through various materials like wood, foam, etc. The process utilizes a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program, which ensures easy and precise cutting of complex shapes.

Do I Need This Service?

CNC custom cutting is highly used where interior padding like CNC custom foam insert is necessary and also where custom exterior body design is needed. It is an effective solution to various industrial equipment, it has high versatility, and it is flexible for a wide range of businesses.  If you are in any of this industry, you might need a CNC cutting for your equipment’s:

  • Filming equipment
  • IT/computer equipment
  • Scientific Equipment
  • Musical equipment
  • Medical cases
  • Electronic component packages
  • Maintenance and repair equipment
  • Promotional and product sample presentation cases

Why Choose Armor Cases Custom Cutting and Foam Insert Service?

CNC custom foam insert

All Armor Cases custom foam case inserts are expertly designed using the 3D laser scanner, ensuring a precise foam measurement, cutting and insert.

Our CNC has a vacuum bed size 1300x2500mm. We also have a laser cutter with the same bed size for cutting acrylic, plywood, plastic and foam sheets.

We cater to various case foam interiors of any design and usage through our experienced technical team.

We are Quick and Professional

We always strive to be fast in our service, from product ideology to product delivery. Our many years of experience helps us to achieve faster delivery time without compromising quality.

We Provide High-Quality Work

At Amor Cases, we believe in quality and that is why we have invested in expensive equipment’s like 3D mapper for use on our clients projects. We use our 3D laser scanner to reproduce the full 3D prototype of your various items, this ensures accurate measurement of all items and materials.

We also invested in latest industry digital tools like Solidworks which allows us to accurately create and arrange various items by layout and can show you how the final product will look like before production.

Due to our technical teams’ vast experience in using the CNC cutting technology, especially towards the CNC custom foam insert area, we always strive to achieve perfection with our clients’ projects. This is one reason why we stand out among others in Sydney, Australia.

We Have an Outstanding Customer Service

We understand that every client and project is unique, and that is why we strive to provide outstanding customer support service. We will help you with the product concept and provide updates until delivery.

Accurately cutting your boxes or storing your tools with a routed foam insert can provide excellent protection for your tools or equipment’ which will complement your product.

How Do We work?

CNC custom foam insertOur working process is very simple:

  1. You contact us with your project need.
  2. We request for more details (if needed) or guide you through to actualize your need.
  3. Provide you with a quote.
  4. Produce 3D digital versions of your product which you can inspect and request for edits.
  5. Move on to produce the product and deliver to you.

We believe that every project is unique, so we don’t have a minimum order quantity.

What Are the Costs?

Since each client’s need is unique, we don’t have one price for all. However, our prices are industry competitive as you can hardly find the same price elsewhere. Contact us today for a quote.

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