3 questions we should all ask ourselves about what to do with work and life. 

There is no easy answer. However, we ask you to consider them carefully as any career choice is a bet. Putting in 1-2 years of your life on any career you don’t engage with and commit to is a waste of your life.

Whom to work with, do what, and how?

The best achievers, commit their life time to something they care
If you don't have a long term commitment, why waste your time


We put in long hours, and value speed, accuracy and efficiency at work. If we don't move fast enough we will be leaving customers waiting for too long. If you worry about catching the 6pm train back home, you won't enjoy working here.
We are proactive and do not need to be managed. We know what needs to be done today, this week and next week and can get upset if someone let things sit. We openly express frustration in person when things should have done better or sooner. We argue because we trust each other.

Problems pop out all the time, and we face problems because they reveal our weaknesses. It could be a work process problem, or a customer complaint. We accept our problems and address them fast. Temporary quick fixes are signs of laziness. Hiding problems is not acceptable. Not knowing what to do is not OK. Allowing the same problem to happen again is just stupid.

We have high standard on work done at each stage, from customer communications, design, material cutting to case building. We hold each other accountable. Allowing careless mistakes, and imperfections to be passed to the next team member is loudly protested. We find it is worth the struggle to be challenged everyday, to build a brand by winning customer trust and overcome obstacles, to work with people who share this mission. It is not just about making a living.

Do What

Our mission is to become a preferred custom transportation casing solution provider to our professional customers by significantly reducing lead time and cost while maintaining strong design capability and build quality.  
Solving the problem for tens of thousands of people and business protecting their valuable equipment in transit, fast and economically

Drive Down Lead Time and Cost for Custom Casing

Anything custom built is inherently expensive and takes a long time to finish. Armor Cases is on a mission to explore any approach, tools and strategy to tackle this problem. 

It is not going to be easy and we have to fund our own growth like most other small and micro businesses. Innovation in any industry is possible. Road cases hasn't changed much for half a century because nobody paid much attention to it. 


We believe Australia will be able to support a few large local custom transport casing/packaging manufacturers. We need the right kind of people on the bus, to be one of them in 15 years. The plans don't always work, as business environment changes, we evolve, develop, and reinvent ourselves to stay ahead of the game. That can only happen if we have the right people working here. 
With the right people, we can win any battle
would you fight a battle with someone who is relaxed, absent minded or only look out for himself?

''Excellence is not a skill. It's an attitude'' - Ralph Marston


If you think you want to work in this team, and commit to this mission, you are welcome to email us and let us know why.