About 80% of our case orders are custom designed cases, although we are accumulating some standard case designs and most of these are listed on our site with prices available for order.

We do not stock ready made cases so our standard designs will also come with a lead time. 

ARMOR currently owns 2 workshops. They are located in Auburn NSW in Australia, and Guangzhou, China respectively. Our Auburn workshop mainly focus on urgent orders with less than 5 weeks lead time, while the Guangzhou workshop works on non-urgent orders with a lead time of 8-10 weeks. 

Road cases built in both workshops are based on the same case design and specifications including panel and hardware. Both workshops are equipped with high precision machineries including CNC routers and employ experienced case builders. ARMOR’s cases have consistent built quality and workmanship regardless of which workshop they come from.  

This depends on which workshop the order is placed with. Our Sydney workshop can respond to urgent orders and lead time can be 24 hours to 5 weeks depending on case design process and work load at the workshop. Our Guangzhou workshop offers cost saving without compromising on quality, lead time are usually 8 to 10 weeks. 


  • A link to or photo of a similar case and what changes need to be made if any. Our Instagram feed can be a great source of inspiration
  • If logo printing or engraving is required
  • Internal dimensions of case, or outer dimensions of the items that would be stored in the case
  • For complicated item shapes, a CAD model or drawing would come in handy
  • If you require shipping; your address, if it’s a business address or not, and if you have a forklift on site


Yes. We requite a minimum 50% payment upfront to commence work, including custom design. Case design can be very time consuming. 

Yes. We may provide 2D drawings or 3D models for comments and approval before commencing workshop case building work. 

We offer life time guarantee on our cases. 

Once design is approved any changes to the order will incur extra cost as custom work has been done either in the design stage or casing building stage.