Well-coordinated teamwork speaks About Us

we constantly challenging each other in how we can do better

The cases we produce are only as good as the team that are working on them. To have high standard on our cases, we must have extra-ordinary team players.

we must stay in sync with our eyes set on the finish line, or we will fail

working in sync is challenging as different team member busy with what is in front of him. However, we must train ourselves everyday and knowing we will never be perfect.



We ask ourselves the same questions when asked to solve our customer's transport casing problem. 


there is always a better case

building a long lasting business by designing and building long lasting cases, that are easy to use, and customers are happy to own.

A long lasting business means it can withstand the test of time to win customer recognition, maintain a health relationship with our customers and stay ahead of competition. Starting from a humble beginning in 2016, Armor is determined to be around when its founding team members are long gone. The culture of ownership, quest for solution and improvements, openness must be in every team member’s DNA. 


managing roles and accountabilities

Focus, Open, Ownership, Team Player are the keywords to describe this team.

Alan Song

Customer Communications

Alan is responsible to listen to clients and understand their needs and concerns. Alan also makes sure clients have clear understanding of the case(s) to be built. He is responsible for the overall customer experience before, during, and after-sales. He keeps in touch with customers after sales to ensure any warranty issues are addressed ASAP.

Ronnel Penano

Chief Case Designer

Ronnel is in charge of our case designs. He has many years of industry experience with CAD software. He reviews 3D models and 2D drawings before they are released to customer for comments. He is responsible for making sure the production drawings are communicated to workshops clearly.  

Hansen Huang

Procurement & China Worshop

Hansen is responsible to manage all of the procurement for our workshops in both locations (Sydney Australia, and Guangzhou China). He ensures required materials are ordered in time so manufacturing can be carried out without interruptions. He also manages our China workshop to ensure cases are built to specification and shipped in time.

Chi Tse

Sydney Workshop

Chi manages our workshop in Sydney Australia. He is responsible for ensure manufacturing process are systemized and optimized. He implements and scrutinizes KPIs to to ensure we stay competitive and minimizes workshop errors. He follows through orders from design to delivery to achieve a smooth production process. 

Our company history and facts

Armor started as a supplier of road cases for the live event industry back in 2016. We have since evolved into a transport casing solution provider for many industries and sectors. Our cases are used to transport life saving medical devices, sports and mining equipment and many more. Armor has a design office based in Sydney Australia, with a local workshop in Auburn as well as an overseas workshop based in Guangzhou China. In 2020 we have upgraded our Auburn workshop with the most advanced CNC router, laser scanner and cutter available at the time to ensure we are ready to server the most demanding requirement from our customers.  

Design & manufacturing process demonstration

Armor embraces 3D modeling software to design and manufacture transport cases. We obtain necessary information from our customer to produce 3D models for comments. Once the design is confirmed, the material specifications and cutouts will be generated and passed onto our workshops. Computer aided and precision cutting machines are used to ensure the cutouts are done accurately while eliminating human errors. Workshop drawings along with 2d and 3d on screen drawings and models guide our experienced case builders to build these cases exactly as designed.