Custom Foam Inserts Design and Manufacturing

Custom Foam Inserts Design and Manufacturing

Custom foam inserts are needed across industries whenever there is a need to efficiently and safely store a number of small items within an existing ABS carry case or a newly designed custom flight case. We have the equipment, skills, and experience to deliver a custom foam inserts with utmost accuracy and state of the art workmanship.

3D Mapper

To achieve the best fit, we invest in expensive measuring equipment to ensure we have the best start. Our 3D laser mapper can accurately reproduce the 3D model of your various items.

3d measuring
solidworks foam insert designing

Designing with the Best Digital Tool

We use industry-leading software Solidworks for our foam inserts design. Solidworks allows us to arrange the various items to find the best layout and we can present our work to our customers with 3D previews from different angles. Changes recommended can be quickly implemented until a satisfactory design is achieved.

Premium EVA38 Closed-cell Foam

Even the best design means nothing without the most appropriate foam type for your custom inserts. EVA38 is a heavy-duty yet lightweight closed-cell foam which means it is able to retain a rigid structure, provide sufficient shock proofing, and fend off moisture.

Markings and branding can be engraved on the surface of EVA foam for added value to our customers.

custom foam insert
cnc foam routing

CNC Foam Routing

The last part of the job is completed by a CNC router than can turn our design into reality with utter efficiency and accuracy.

Finished foam inserts are QC checked and fitted with actual products for a final evaluation before delivered to customers.

Built to Last

5 Years Warranty on All Cases. Armor is committed to producing only the highest quality road cases. Our cases are expertly designed and carefully made to pass all performance standards to ensure the safety of all your important belongings.

Custom Design Development

We design our cases with one thing in mind – your overall satisfaction. We collect all valuable information, create a design and present to you a 3D CAD preview of the product before proceeding to production.

High Precision Manufacturing and Production

Our trusted craftsmen follow a streamlined manufacturing process to translate your approved design to a road case masterpiece. The 3D preview serves as the basis for all cuttings for workshop up to the final completion of the product.

Whether you need custom foam inserts for your expensive camera gear, tools, medical instruments, or product samples, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you and thrive to achieve the result that you expect.