Properties and Applications of EVA Foam for Flight Cases

custom instrument transport case with foam insert

EVA foam is made from blended copolymers of ethylene and vinyl acetate. It is probably the most versatile moldable material in the world. It is soft, resilient and has great compression-recovery characteristics. This foam has very rubber-like appearance and texture. EVA foam has excellent shock absorbing properties and tolerates a high degree of compression.

EVA foam is very versatile and is being widely used for flexible packaging. These foam materials are ideal for fabricating foam packaging. It is used as a lining in the interior of transport cases. The contents placed inside the road cases with an EVA foam interior would not slip and slide around. It is very easy to cut and shape the foam. The foam can be made stiff or floppy which makes it exceedingly easy to customize according to the shape and size required.

There is a unique feature about EVA foam, it will remain flexible at temperatures as low as -94°F. Because of this, it is often included in cases designed for places with low temperatures. This foam is stress-crack resistant, which means it is very hard to break. It has a superior impact and vibration absorption making it most suitable for even the most fragile cargo. EVA foam has very low water absorption and it protects its contents from water damage.    

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