Multi-purpose Workstation Road Case F1-D

Solutions 2 Safety is a Sydney-based safety risk management consultant which has a long history of nearly 20 years. Founded in 2004, the company has been providing quality OH&S and risk services to diverse clients. This multi-purpose workstation designed for Solutions 2 Safety is fully customised, includes a power system on the top storage and has four castor wheels enabling convenient movement. The top lid is connected to the latchet lid stays which enable the lid to stay opened in various angles (smaller than/greater than 90 degrees).

Ample storage space

The workstation has sufficient storage space to store various equipment and devices securely. It has a top storage right underneath the lid. Below the top storage, there are two side storages on the left and five drawers on the right side. All these different storages enable the user to store and carry items not only easily but safely.

Multi-function lid

The front lid of the workstation can not only function as an opening/closing lid, but also can operate as a table (platform). By default, four legs made of aluminium pipes are installed on the braces attached to the inner side of the lid. When the user needs a separate table to work upon, the aluminium legs can be fixed to the four quick release clamps on the corners of the inner front lid. This will create a table of which the user can place on any location where needed. We can design the custom height for the table according to what the customer requires.

Efficient size and transportation

The total height of the workstation is set to be 1.4m high which is an ideal size for transportation via truck. Thanks to the appropriate size, it will be convenient for users to load the workstation in the truck and carry it safely – the 9mm thick plywood panels that form the exterior of the workstation will effectively protect the stored items during transit. Once the workstation is unloaded from the truck (i.e. when it is on the ground), users can move it conveniently owing to the four free-rotating castors. Two of these castors have brakes – by applying them, users can fix the workstation on the ground securely when necessary.

Please feel free to reach us when you are looking for a customised workstation road case with a superior quality. We are happy to design a workstation road case as per your requirements and specifications.


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