Flypack III Video Production Workstation Road Case BM280

Video production workstation

A ready to go transport and production solution has been designed by our team of experts. This Flypack III video production workstation road case is built for Arts Centre Melbourne, a gathering place for song, storytelling, community and culture for First Nations people. This road case is perfect for a powerhouse system comprising of three 28” Lilliput BM280-4Ks and its accessories.

The two 28” monitors are mounted inside the top lid which is fitted with two 125N gas struts. The gas struts allow the lid to gracefully push up when opened and make the lid stand to its location. The third monitor is placed on plywood insert with a pull out tray at the bottom.

Multi user workstation

The workstation road case is designed for two users to work at the same time, sitting side by side. There is a plywood insert which holds Barco EC50 video console and a built-in bottom pull out drawer. Another pull out tray is provided for keyboard and mouse. These pull out platforms are placed on heavy duty Rhino 68kg runners. Both the users will have independent control of the pull out trays and thus can operate the system separately.

Ample storage space

The case features 3 bays of 12RU with front and back rack strips to give sufficient storage space for various processors and equipment. The front lid of this large case is removable and can be kept aside to avoid clutter. This lid can also be used as a platform to work upon. There are corner handles on top and on both sides of the front lid so that it can be handled easily by two operators.

Rear working space

Our designers chose not to have a removable rear lid and thus the structure of the flypack video production road case is made sturdy and strong. An access panel with slam latch has been provided on the rear side. The access panel is placed on torque hinges which allows it to stay open when flipped up. The maintenance work and new upgrade to the equipment from behind the case becomes an easy task.

The Flypack III video production workstation works as a solution for complete video production system. It greatly reduces the setup and pack down cost on large corporate video production jobs and helps to promote your business as a professional firm to your customers. 

Please drop us a message in case you are looking for a customized workstation road case. We shall be glad to design a video production case as per your specifications and requirements.

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