Custom Case for Contrabassoon for Darwin Symphony Orchestra

The latest entrant in our collection of road cases is the transport case that we have designed and built for Darwin Symphony Orchestra (DSO). DSO is a treasured community institution working for more than 30 years. DSO has brought inspiring classical music to many children.

DSO had requirement for a fully customized case to carry on of its musical instrument, contrabassoon. The contrabassoon is a very deep-sounding woodwind instrument that plays in the same sub-bass register as the tuba and the contrabass versions of the clarinet and saxophone.

The road case for contrabassoon has been designed to hold the instrument safely while transportation. The exterior of the case is made of 7MM flight plastic panel having matt finish and is black in colour. There is a foam lining in the inner section of the lid so that the instrument does not get scratches. Cut-outs made of sturdy plastic material have been placed according to the exact dimensions of the instrument to ensure each curve and bend is fitted perfectly. This is made to hold the contrabassoon securely. A foam lining has been placed in the bottom of the case to give protection against breakages.

Two butterfly latches have been fixed to the case. There is a corner handle on the lid so that it can be opened easily. A corner handle has been placed on the side of the case for hassle-free handling. The case features 2 carjet corner recessed castors for smooth navigation. There are aluminum extrusions on the sides and edges of the case to make it tough and robust.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have a need for custom transport case for musical instrument of any shape or size. Our expert team can efficiently design a road case to fit in the required musical instrument.

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