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Transport Case for Voyr/Signage Display Screens for Nova Entertainment

Road case for Signage display screen

We are glad to provide transport cases for Nova Entertainment, one of Australia’s fastest growing entertainment company with broad interests across the media industry. The company owns two national radio networks with presence in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth through terrestrial, digital and online modes.

Custom Case for Voyr Screens

Armor Road Cases has designed and supplied cases for transporting Voyr screens. Voyr screens are used by businesses to display useful content on a lightweight display. These are widely used by restaurants, bars, hotels, shopping malls and trade shows. The cases have been made of P1202 12MM laminated plywood which makes them sturdy and robust. There is a glossy finish on the exterior of the cases for a shiny and elegant look. There are 2 medium recessed handles each on the left and right side of the lid as well as base for easy handling of the case by the user. Also, 2 handles each on the front and rear sides, have been placed on the cases. The cases are integrated with large recessed latches on front and rear sides so that the lid stays attached to the cases and do not fall off.

Strong and Sturdy Cases

The lid of the cases has been designed to be a lift off lid. The cases have been made strong by using SA35 aluminum angle extrusions and EH12 edge extrusions. Since the cases have to be used to carry screens, 10MM EVA foam lining/cutouts have been placed inside the case so that these are kept safe from breakages. An additional storage space has been created in the inside of the case for storing remote controls and power cords, thereby the remotes are not misplaced and stay with the respective screens. These pockets also act as screen protectors along with the foam lining.

We can design and make fully customized transport cases for any of your products/items. Please drop us a message in case you have a requirement for any kind of road case.

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