Heavy Duty Transport Trunk Case for True Manufacturing

Heavy Duty Trunk Case

True Manufacturing has established itself as a global leader in the commercial refrigeration industry. With over 70 years of experience, the company engineers environmentally friendly refrigeration systems with shorter run times, lower energy consumption and the industry’s coldest holding temperatures. True serves customers around the world with warehouses spanning four continents.

A Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Trunk Case for Exhibition Transports

True Manufacturing Australia has previously ordered transport cases for their commercial fridges to be transported between sales demonstrations and exhibition locations. They now need a versatile trunk case to pack in different loose items/accessories along with their main fridge products to such events. 

cable packer trunk case

Multi-purpose Versatile Trunk Case

True Manufacturing participates in exhibitions to showcase its innovative products to people at large. There is a need for a trunk case for transporting these products to the venue of display. True Manufacturing had asked us to build a versatile trunk case. As desired, we have designed a multi-purpose heavy duty trunk case to meet its requirements. The transport case has been built with foam lining so as to keep the contents safe. 

cable packer trunk case

Heavy Duty, Built to Last

Heavy duty 12mm laminated ply panels were used to build this case in our workshop. The body of the case is reinforced with aluminum extrusions to make it robust and strong. EVA foam lining was applied inside the case to provide protection for various items to be transported in this case. Also, the custom trunk case features recessed handles on all its sides and there are four wheels attached so that the user finds it easy to handle.  As desired, we have engraved customer’s logo onto the trunk case.

Short Lead Time

This trunk case was built in our Sydney workshop for urgent delivery. Our record of turnaround time in Sydney workshop is 24 hours. Our extensive designs and modellings helps us to be able to respond to urgent transport case needs in a timely manner.

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