Transport Road Cases for Stagemaker SL5 Chain Motors

Case for Stagemaker SL5

Transport Case for Stagemaker SL5Stagemaker is the series of hoists and crane kits specially developed by Verlinde for the entertainment industry to enable safe and accurate position of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, and sceneries. Stagemaker hoists are the only models available in the market fitted with double brakes, retractable handgrips and protective rubber pads. Verlinde has introduced a new range of Stagemaker electric chain hoists, SL5 model, which has a load carrying capacity of 500 kg. As the Australian authorised distributor of Verlinde lifting equipment, Expert Crane Components offers its clients a full range of high quality European industrial lifting and handling equipment When looking for durability, reliability and safety, Stagemaker is the first choice in the range of entertainment hoists.

Transport Case for Stagemaker SL5

Armor Road Cases has designed and built Transport Cases for Stagemaker SL5 Chain Motors to enable smooth and hassle-free transportation of the hoists. The cases have been built using 12mm plywood panel to make them sturdy. We have used Penn Elcom hardware to make the cases robust and strong. Wheels have been affixed to the cases so that the user can handle them effortlessly. Chrome-dipped quality aluminium extrusions and braces have been used to get strong and protective transport cases.

Plywood Inserts

The cases have two fasteners to ensure proper latching up of the lid. Two handles have been placed on the side of the cases for Stagemaker SL5 Chain Motors so that they can be pulled along on their wheels. The cases have been equipped with 18mm plywood inserts which have been carefully cut according to the design of the Stagemaker SL5 Chain Motors. These plywood inserts give protection against scratches and damage while in transit. The name of the brand has been UV-printed on the Transport Cases for Stagemaker SL5 Chain Motors.

Transport Case for Stagemaker SL5

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