Workstation Case for Onyx NX-Wing with Off Road Castors

We have built a customized workstation case for our customer. The fly pack case is designed to house Onyx NX-Wing, two monitors, keyboard, mouse and power junction box. The case is a one-stop solution which gives the flexibility of plug and play. 

Foam/plywood inserts have been placed for safe keeping of the NX-Wing. The top lid of the case is integrated with lid stay and is designed for twin monitors. In the interior of the top lid, there is provision to mount one Dell monitor. This also features a side pull-out draw to place second Flanders Scientific monitor. The design of the case also incorporates storage for keyboard and mouse in the form of a pull out tray placed under the console. There is a dog box positioned behind the NX-Wing which accommodates power junction box for monitors, mini PC and NX-Wing. This eliminates the need to look for electrical fittings at the venue, only power supply is required and you are ready to operate the Onyx NX-Wing.

The fly pack case is made glossy with P1202 12mm panel black hexa exterior. The interior of the road case is painted black with foam lining so that the contents of the case do not get damaged while in transit. 

The front lid is detachable and can be kept aside to avoid clutter. There is removable rear slam lid with cable path. All the handles and latches on the case are made with Penn Elcom/Armor hardware. This case also features four off road 200mm castors, two of them are braked for smooth navigation.

If you are looking for a fully custom made workstation/fly pack case, we have an expert team to design it as per your needs and specifications. Please do call us and we will be happy to get in touch with you.