Stack Rack Road Cases [SR3 & SR10]

Our customer, NEP Australia came to us with the requirement of two stack rack cases to hold his hardware and tools for his respective business. He had certain requirements for the cases such as specific dimensions and for the cases to have the ability to be stacked. Our team of experts were able to effectively design an appropriate solution for the customers needs, and as such these strong and durable cases were fabricated.

Optimised Movement and Transportation


These cases comes with durable swivel castors which makes transportation much easier. They also include brakes on the castors meaning when either case is required to remain firmly in place, it is able to do so.

SR3 Practical Interior


The SR3 has a steel rack installed in each stack cases. This rack can be utilised to store small shelves. The case ensure all contents placed inside are protected and well secured.

SR10 Practical Interior


The SR10 consist of two stacked medium-size cases and one SR3 on the top layer. The medium-size cases have bigger steel racks installed for more shelving and drawers to be added. These stack rack consist of front and back lids. They close and lock in with the main body with the use of medium butterfly latches and edge handles for carrying support.  

Functionality and Practical Exterior


These cases comes with strong 9MM panels to ensure it can withstand the loads it is put under. A grey honeycomb texture is added to the exterior to ensure it has an aesthetically pleasing profile. There are recessed handles attached to either end of the stack rack cases to ensure it can be carried and moved in a practical and safe manner.