Road Case for Kawai MP11SE Keyboard

Our customer, Stuart is an enthusiastic pianist that came to us requesting for a custom keyboard road case for his Kawai MP11SE stage piano. He had certain requirements for the case such as having strong durability and a storage compartment that can fit both his music desk and pedalboard. Our team of experts were able to effectively design an appropriate solution that meets the client’s needs.

Practical Exterior and Protective Interior

This case is made out of black honeycomb textured 9MM plywood panels for strong durability. There are two medium butterfly latches on the case that keeps it securely locked. One medium recessed handle on each side allow the case to be lifted by two users. The handle positioned opposite the corner castors can be used to pull the case like a suit case for easier transportability.

It is also internally equipped with strong and durable 10 millimetre foam around the lid and thick EVA foam on the base to ensure that the keyboard is protected from damages when the case is being transported.  

Featured Storage Compartment

In the base, there is a storage compartment centred under the placed keyboard. This storage compartment can be customised to fit the user’s accessories and it comes with a 6MM plywood panel trap door lid. On the top layer of the base EVA foam and lid, there is a carpet lining. This allows the lid to close using the Velcro strap.