Rack case with console 2
By: Alan Song 08/02/2019 0 Comment.

Rack Case with Audio Mixer and Rear Access Door

This case was built for Embassy of P.R.C in Canberra for their newly purchased audio equipment including a 19″ mixer and 2 Shure BLX4 wireless receivers.

The case is built with 9mm plywood with lift off lid and front removable lid. The mixer is mounted in the upper partition at an angle. A hinged door is located at rear for access and a hole of 50mm is provided to run audio and power leads through while having the door shut.

We have built similar cases before such as a rack case with front and rear removable lids that can be converted into working station with built in legs for Teaching Australia, and also flotation rack case for AGB events.


Rack case with console 1
Rack case with console 1