Flight Case for Carbonbike USA R1 Racing Chair

Our customer, Sarah is an athlete that came to us with the requirement of a case to hold her CarbonBike USA R1 Racing Chair. She had certain requirements for the case such as specific dimensions and for the case to have enough room for future upgraded race chairs. Our team were able to effectively design an appropriate solution for the customers needs, and as such a stable and user friendly case was fabricated.

Optimised Transportation & User Friendly Design

This case comes with durable 75MM swivel castors which makes transportation much easier. The castors comes with brakes meaning when the case is required to remain firmly in place it is able to do so. The case can generally be pushed and pulled using the edge handle on the lid. The medium recessed handles on the front, back and sides of the base allow for users to lift the case with ease.

This case is equipped with 3 lid stays placed co-linearly with the hinge to limit its range of motion and prevent over extensions of the hinges. This means that the lid does not need to lean against a wall as the lid stays will prevent the lid from rotating past the angle of 90 degrees.


Practical Exterior & Protective Interior

This case comes with strong 7MM plastic panels to ensure it can withstand the loads it is put under. It also makes the case very light weight for travelling. This panel has a black exterior and navy blue interior.

In the interior, there are EVA foam lining. There is also a foam block with a Velcro strap on one end of the base used to elevate the front of the race chair once the front wheel is detached. The strap secures the chair inside the case and prevents it from moving around and getting damaged that are caused by extreme external vibrations and movement.