DR600 Drawer Cases for Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Drawer Case for DTC

We are happy to introduce you to a gem product from our creations – DR600 Drawer Case. This drawer case has been customized to meet the requirements of our client, Darlinghurst Theatre Company (DTC). DTC is an independent theatre company located in NSW, Australia. Established in 1996, DTC gives an opportunity to artists and art workers to showcase their artworks.

Versatile utility case

This case is versatile with drawers for storing contents in an organized manner. It has 5 drawers to keep the items segregated from one another. The DR600 drawer case has 4 door pockets for additional storage of smaller items. This helps the user to keep the contents sorted.

The dimensions of the case are 595x595mm which is ideal for transportation through trucks. The usual width of a truck is 2400mm, thus can fit upto 4 such drawer cases in a row.  Our client has to move from one place to another for theatre events.

 These drawer cases are much more useful as compared to road trunk cases since the users can carry their belongings without having to take separate cases for various items. The items are easily accessible during the event as they are kept in a structured manner.

Drawer Case with strong latches

The case is integrated with 4 braked swivel castors for effortless moving of the case. There are recessed handles – 2 each on either side of the case so that the user can pull them from both sides. Each case has a front door with castor support so the door will always be aligned to the main case. The front door features a corner handle. This makes opening and closing of the door easy and effortless.

This unique utility drawer case is an ideal storage solution for event management companies who have to move with quite a number of items along with them. It is also useful for sports/racing and exhibition events. The case is made in honeycomb design and has 12mm laminated plywood panel. 

We have screen printed our client’s name on the front door of the case for identification. The front door stays latched to the case with two strong latches thereby ensuring it does not open up during transit. 

If you are looking for a drawer case for movement of things which are needed to be transported in a sorted and arranged mode, please contact us with the item dimensions and we shall be glad to design a fully customized case to suit your requirements.