Custom Road Case for Elliptical Trainer


We present to you another custom made road case built for Cirque du Soleil, a highly-regarded Canadian circus producer.

We have used high-quality materials to produce a high quality frame for this road case. It is developed from 12MM laminated plywood in a black finish.

The internal dimension of the case is about 1600 x 790 x 1900mm (WxDxH).


The road case features 6 x 4 inches Penn Elcom Castors, 2 with locks that prevent it from moving around.  It has lift off lid and split lid design for greater ease in opening.

Moving fitness equipment requires sturdy construction of the road case. Consequently, we have added 4x tie-down rings at 4 corners of the bottom of the case to secure it upon loading and unloading. In total, it has 12 Elcom medium handles, 2 on both sides (left and right) and 4 on front and rear to save you more energy and reduce risks of damages when moving the road case.


We have designed it with a black carpet lining inside to protect the equipment from sudden impact and scratches while in transit. Overall, it has a functional design that will keep your equipment safe and sound during transport.

We have also added 6X Penn large latches on the front and rear of the road case. The Penn Elcom steel ball corners and aluminum extrusions add more to its structure and stability.

Like all our products, this road case is very efficient and durable. You will never go wrong with our road case especially that it also comes with our unique 5-year warranty.

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