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CP1200S Road Case for LED Wash PAR Lights

A CP1200S Road Case to carry LED PAR wash lights has been customized and built for Highlight Entertainment. These lights are PHANTOS LED Wash PAR 18HEX RGBWA+UV 10CH.  A PAR light is Parabolic Aluminized Reflector lamp which produces a directional beam. They are used in places with low ceilings and short throw distances. Our customer, Highlight Entertainment has an experience of 11+ years in the fields of lighting, audio, vision, laser lights, etc. They need to carry the LED lights to the event venue and thus require a strong road case.

Removable internal dividers

The road case features internal dividers to ensure the LED wash PAR lights do not touch each other, thereby giving protection from breakage and scratches.  The case has a flush internal surface. This has made it easy to place plywood inserts to house equipment such as compact LED moving lights.  8 plywood inserts have been put inside the road case to create 8 compartments. The compartments can be used to store the lights and their accessories. The interior of the bottom case is lined with 15MM EVA foam on all the 4 sides.

The case is integrated with 6 handles (2 on each side of the case) for easy navigation by the user. There is a corner handle on the front side of the lid for smooth handling of the case. It has 2 butterfly latches so that the lid does not open up during its movement. The case features 4 castors so that it can be moved seamlessly. We have screen printed the customer company’s name on the front panel of the case for identification. Built with strong plywood panels, there are aluminium extrusions on the corners of the body of the case.

The internal compartments of the road case can be easily customized to create different compartment sizes to fit LED lights of different makes and sizes. If your business has a requirement of road case for transporting LED lights of any brand, do contact us and we shall offer the best features at the best possible pricing.

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