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CP1200S-BAR Road Case for LED Bar Batten Lights

CP1200S_LED panels

A CP1200S road case has been designed with full customization for transportation of LED bar lights or battens for Highlight Entertainment. LED bar light is an indoor rated, pixel controllable, direct view LED fixture with a wired digital communication network. LED batten lights are lighting fixtures that offer uniform, spot free illumination across an area.

Case with lift out tray for led bars

The road case is versatile and built to carry Phantos B18X8Q 18x8W RGBW LED pixel bar light. More than one LED bar lights or battens can be housed in this custom case. We have integrated the case with internal dividers which are made of laminated plywood. These dividers create sections inside the case to store various units of bar lights and/or battens.

cp1200s-bar road case1
cp1200s-bar road case2

The design of the road case can be used for making cases to store other items too. The internal compartment of this case can be easily adjusted to create different compartment sizes to help organize ever changing inventory for different jobs. If you need a similar road case to carry items, please allow us to give a sample case design for the same. We would make a fully customized case with internal dividers as per your requirement.   

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