Utility Road Case with 5 Drawers & Door Pockets

roadcase parra council4

These are heavy-duty utility road cases built for the events team of NSW Parramatta City Council. The dimensions are 810 x 1150 x 1900 (W x D x H). This work order comprised of two cases of a similar but slightly different design.

Versatility was a major requirement for this road case because apart from housing event equipment, the road case would also serve as a workbench and improvised equipment stand.

Road case with five cascading drawers

The main compartment is made up of 5X cascading pull out drawers and 5X door pockets in 9MM laminated plywood with black Hexa PVC laminate finish, plus 2X medium recessed handles on the left and right side of the case (4 in total). The door is a detachable design fitted with flip-down legs encased in EVA foam, therefore, allowing for conversion into a table easily.

Detachable door and a built-in ramp

We also put 2X medium latches for the front of the case, with a piano hinge for the front door. 5X Carjet 4″ castors, 2 with breaks Heavy-duty ball corners and extrusions. Finally, a heavy-duty ramp was built into the case for easy movement of equipment.