Medical Cart Transport Case for Baxter Healthcare

Road case for medical cart

Another highlight in the Armor Road Cases’ product profile is the fully customized medical cart transport case we made for Baxter Healthcare. Baxter Healthcare is a well-known name in the areas of Critical Care, Hospital Care, Nutritional Care, Renal Care and Surgical Care.

Road case with customization

The case is designed keeping in mind the structure and design of Baxter Healthcare’s Hemodialysis machine, Artificial Kidney 98 (AK 98). This machine is designed to be a portable and easy-to-use system to administer hemodialysis (HD) treatments.

Transport case with sturdy exteriors

We use an 18mm E1 grade plywood panel to build the ramp with stainless steel extending lip at the end so that pushing your medical cart onto the ramp requires little effort. The heavy-duty case has been built with top-quality laminated plywood, which is polished to perfection. Also, the case is integrated with aluminum extrusions to ensure the case has a robust structure.

Medical cart transport case with corner handles

The transport case has a front gate which has latches to keep the case tightly closed during transportation. It features a built-in ramp so as to enable the user to load/offload the machine easily. Guide rails on the ramp to ensure the machine doesn’t fall off while loading.

The internal section of this case has been integrated with foam lining which ensures that the machine wouldn’t be subjected to scratches or dents. The base of the case comes with 4-inch swivel and braked castors for ease of mobility. the lid has a support swivel castor to avoid the load on hinge which not only makes it easy to operate but enhances the life of the road case, making it durable and reliable.

The medical cart transport case features corner handles on the front gate for ease of use. Also there are recessed handles on the side and front of the case so that it can be navigated smoothly. It also contains open storage on the left side of the front gate and they provide enough room for the user to store removable add-ons of the machine when they are not in use. The body of the customized cart case has a honeycomb pattern and is black in color.

In case there is a need for a customized transport case for any of your equipment or machine, please feel free to contact us. We shall be happy to help you in this task.

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