Rack Drawer Case for The Wiggles


Introducing our custom made rack drawer case for The Wiggles. We have used high quality materials to design a durable rack drawer case to transport valuable equipment such as the Canon IP110 printer.

We used 9mm plywood with black PVC finish and 16RU rack strip in front. This drawer is composed of 4 of 4RU drawers with locks to secure all the tools while in transit.

drawer case

The front lid is removable and comes with built in table legs. The removable lid provides easy access to the drawers after opening. Also closing and opening the rack drawers will come at ease because of the removable front lid.

This case drawers also comes with a side table. The side table’s height is approximately 820mm from the floor and located on the left side of the case. The case drawer is secured with a hinge on top and partitioned to accommodate the Canon IP110 printer with powerboard next to printer.  We have purposely included a 50mm hole on the back of the case for power access.

drawer case

There are 4x medium recessed butterfly latches for the front lid and 2x medium recessed handle on each end of the road case, 4 in total. We have specifically used high-quality stainless steel recessed butterfly latches which provide a low profile secure grip and easy actuation. Just lift and turn it easily.

We have installed 4 x 100mm Carjet casters, 2 of them comes with breaks.  We also used Heavy Duty steel ball corners and aluminum extrusions for optimum durability.

drawer case

We make sure our case drawers are high-quality. We used standard materials and polished every product for perfection.

While we recommend PennElcom for the hardware, you can specify your choice of hardware to us and we will design a drawer case according to your specifications. Feel free to contact us if you need case drawers to secure your equipment as you transport from one location to another.