2″ (50mm) 304 Stainless Steel Continuous Hinge Punched 1.8M


This high-strength continuous piano hinge is the ideal choice for connecting the lid with the bottom of your tailored road case. Also, it can be used on flight cases and any other item that needs a strong attachment. This hinge is a great solution for covering groove & hybrid extrusions from side to side. The specific model is 180cm long, comes pre-punched and when laid out it has a width of 50mm. Made from stainless steel.

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Product details

Continuous hinges or piano hinges are designed to provide consistency in strength along the entire length of the hinge and securely support the part that is attached to them.

This piano hinge is made of 1.5MM stainless steel and comes with pre-punched 5mm diameter holes, 50mm apart from each other. When unfolded, the hinge measures 2″ or 50.8mm wide.

This heavy-duty piano hinge is generally used where more strength is required than just holding a lid or a door. For example, a road case with a built-in ramp will require this larger and stronger hinge to bear the weight of equipment travel on the ramp.  If you are building a road case with front open doors, or rear access doors you can order the 1.5″ continuous hinge from us instead.

We love to hear from you and encourage you to share your finished road case to our Facebook page, and if you do that we will credit 20 dollars to your next order just to say thank you for your business and job well done!

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 180 × 10 × 10 cm

1800 x 50mm (L x W)



Hole Distance (Same Side)


Hole Distance (Opposite Sides)



Stainless Steel