Touring Wardrobe Road Case

Touring Wardrobe Road Case

for clothing

A touring wardrobe road case for our client The Wiggles


Panel Type

The Wiggles

Laminated Ply 12MM




Sydney, Australia

Touring Wardrobe Road Case for The Wiggles

The Wiggles, the world’s most popular children’s entertainment band, are travelling across Australia conducting their live performances to entertain children. They use a lot of costumes and clothing for their tours. It becomes essential for them to carry their outfits with utmost care and for this purpose Touring Wardrobe Road Cases are used. Armor Road Cases have built 3 touring wardrobe road cases so that the group can keep their clothing in an organized manner throughout their tours.

We have made the cases with a clamshell design as compared to a wardrobe case with a front open door. This design reduces the cost of the case without losing any internal space. It is also more user friendly, as once the case is opened there are no extra doors taking up space around the road cases, allowing 3 wardrobes cases to be neatly placed next to each other. The actors and crew can easily access any of the wardrobes without being obstructed by doors in between them.

Custom labels and brand engraving has also been done on these cases.

The wardrobe road cases each have two partitions with cloth hanger poles installed, some other storage shelves of different dimensions, as well as 2 pull-out drawers at the bottom for storage of smaller items. These road cases are made of 12MM E1 grade premium plywood panels with glossy honeycomb pattern finish and are built with all Penn Elcom hardware.  We back our road cases with a life-time warranty.


For us to quote on your touring wardrobe road case,  please email us with details of the outfits which need to be arranged in the case, then provide us with an estimated overall internal dimension required for the case. 

We just need the dimensions of the storage required inside the case so that CAD drawing can be made for the case.

Usually, our workshop at Sydney has a turnaround time of 2-5 weeks depending on how busy we are. Our workshop in Guangzhou, China focus mainly on urgent orders and standard designs. The lead time would be around 8-10 weeks. 

We offer branding service including panel color, logo UV printing and engraving (Sydney Workshop), or screen printing (Guangzhou workshop).  Panel color options are subject to availability and may come with a longer lead time. 

Built to Last

Our touring wardrobe road cases are backed with life time warranty. 

Precision Manufacturing

CNC woodworking routers, laser cuttings and pneumatic cutting machines helps to ensure products are built to specification.

Custom Design

3D laser scanners and CAD software are used to optimize case and interior design and visually present the design to customers.

Value to Customer

Our 2 locations workshop model allows us to respond quickly to urgent orders while producing large orders at low cost.