Lighting Console Road Case for Onyx NX-Wing

Obsidian Onyx NX2 Console

case for Phantos

A custom Obsidian Onyx NX2 console carry case for our customer Phantos.


Panel Type


Laminated Plywood 6MM




Sydney, Australia

Obsidian Onyx NX2 Console Case for PHANTOS

The Obsidian Onyx NX2 Console is the ultimate, compact yet powerful, fully integrated lighting controller from Obsidian Control Systems. As a member of the innovative ONYX platform the NX 2 is feature rich.  It is always ready to run the largest shows and events. Armor Road Cases has built a case for the Obsidian Onyx NX2 Console to ensure its hassle-free movement from one place to another.

The case has been customized to meet the requirements of our client, Phantos, who is one of the distributors of the console in Australia. We have designed this case to be robust with heavy duty latches for longer life and stronger hold. The case body is built with top quality plywood material and PENN hardware. It is also fitted with aluminium extrusion on the sides to strengthen the custom lighting console transport case.

The honeycomb-designed road case features a lift-off lid and a hinged handle. Its internal compartment is designed to protect the lighting console with protective internal foam to suit the console. There are storage sections under the console for its components like cables etc. so that they can be managed properly too.

Featuring a clamshell design, the PENN hardware console also features a label dish, and we have finished the case by engraving the panel with the logo of our client.


For us to quote on your Obsidian Onyx NX2 console case,  please email us with photos of the item
placed in a way that you would like to arrange it in the case, then provide us 
with an estimated overall
internal dimension required for the case. 

For equipment that we can obtain a CAD drawing from its manufacturer’s website we do not require it to be sent here for case design. 

Usually, our workshop at Sydney has a turnaround time of 2-5 weeks depending on how busy we are. Our workshop in Guangzhou, China focus mainly on urgent orders and standard designs. The lead time would be around 8-10 weeks. 

We offer branding service including panel color, logo UV printing and engraving (Sydney Workshop), or screen printing (Guangzhou workshop).  Panel color options are subject to availability and may come with a longer lead time. 

Built to Last

Our Obsidian Onyx NX2 console cases are backed with life time warranty. 

Precision Manufacturing

CNC woodworking routers, laser cuttings and pneumatic cutting machines helps to ensure products are built to specification.

Custom Design

3D laser scanners and CAD software are used to optimize case and insert design and visually present the design to customers.

Value to Customer

Our 2 locations workshop model allows us to respond quickly to urgent orders while producing large orders at low cost.