Flip-up tilt case

for audio consoles

A custom flip-up tilt audio console case for our client PQI Audio Visual


Panel Type

PQI Audio Visual

Laminated Ply 12MM




Sydney, Australia

Flip Audio Console Case for PQI Audio Visual

PQI Audio Visual is a pioneer in the audio visual industry. They are often required to transport their exquisite & delicate equipment to their performance venue. Armor Road Cases has designed a case with a flip-up top for smooth transit of their audio console. We have previously built a video console for PQI Audio Visual which has lived entirely up to their expectations. This customised flip-up audio console case is designed to carry Allen & Heath dLive S5000 console.  The audio console forms an essential part of the equipment for dLive MixRack.

Designed with a smart internal structure, the personalized road case features an internal dog house behind the console for the wirings. This helps the user to easily connect wires and get started. The inside of the case has been lined with foam linen to ensure that the console does not have scratches while in transit.

The 900mm custom flip-up audio transport case is built with robust and well-polished plywood material. We have used chrome dipped quality aluminium extrusions and braces, ensuring a sturdy and robust transport case. At the request of the client, we have engraved the case content logo on the side of the flip-up top to enhance the beauty of the case. This has been carefully executed by our team of experts.


For us to quote on your custom flip audio console case,  please email us with photos of the item placed in a way that you would like to arrange them in the case, then provide us with an estimated overall internal dimension required for the case. 

For equipment that we can obtain a CAD drawing from its manufacturer’s website we do not require it to be sent here for case design. 

Usually, our workshop at Sydney has a turnaround time of 2-5 weeks depending on how busy we are. Our workshop in Guangzhou, China focus mainly on urgent orders and standard designs. The lead time would be around 8-10 weeks. 

We offer branding service including panel color, logo UV printing and engraving (Sydney Workshop), or screen printing (Guangzhou workshop).  Panel color options are subject to availability and may come with a longer lead time. 

Built to Last

Our custom flip audio console cases are backed with life time warranty. 

Precision Manufacturing

CNC woodworking routers, laser cuttings and pneumatic cutting machines helps to ensure products are built to specification.

Custom Design

3D laser scanners and CAD software are used to optimize case and interior design and visually present the design to customers.

Value to Customer

Our 2 locations workshop model allows us to respond quickly to urgent orders while producing large orders at low cost.