40U Rolling Rack for NEP

40U rolling rack

A remarkable road case has been created by Armor’s expert team for our customer NEP Australia. NEP Australia is part of the NEP Worldwide Network, the leading worldwide outsourced technical production partner supporting premier content producers of live sports, entertainment, music and corporate events. It has Australia’s largest and most diverse fleet of outside production vehicles (trucks).


It is a huge 40U rolling rack made from sturdy Penn Elcom hardware. A “U” is a unit of measurement which lets you know the usable vertical space available. Rack mountable equipment is designed to fit multiples of “U”. This tall case measures 40U which means it has 70 inches of space available for use.

The interior of the case is lined with foam which keeps the contents safe and protected from jerks and vibrations. This makes it a secure and shockproof case. The total space between the front and rear door is 650mm which gives ample storage space. At the back end of the case, there is a provision for 100mm cable tray where cables, wires etc. can be safely placed.


Another major feature of the case is its removable castor board. The castors are attached to a wooden plank and the case is clamped to this castor board. The castor board is used for transportation of the huge case. The board can be detached whenever the case has to stand on the floor.

Corner handles and strong latches have been integrated on the doors of the case to maintain robustness. There are side handles on either side of the case so that the case can be navigated easily. We have screen-printed the logo of NEP on the case for identification.

Please call us and our team of experts shall design a tall/huge case as per your needs and specifications.