Lighting & Effects [LX-FX]


ETC ION 1 Armor Workstation Road Cases

With lighting consoles coming in different shapes and sizes, customer after best value for money would choose to buy the smaller board with fader wing then plug in two monitors and they work just as great as the next size up for a few thousand bucks less. However, transporting and protection of 4 pieces of equipment is not as easy, also it is conterproductive to plug and unplug them every time. Many road case manufacturers have come up with designs to tackle this problem.

We have had a chance to build some a road case for Intensive Lighting from Sydney for their ETC ION XE with Fader Wing 20 combo. Other brand of stage lighting boards also come with similar sized product, such as the MA 2 on PC Command Wing and Fader Wing, Avolites Titan Mobile and Wing, Chamsys PC Wing Compact and fader wing, etc. The concept are the same. The road case has the lighting board, fader wing, and 2 monitor screens all secured and connected and fit in a road case with castors. This makes it a lot easier for handling and transport. The road case come with split base which is not very usual but makes perfect sense. Half of the shell has the castor board attached to it and is not wanted while the lighting board is in use, the other half has everything built in. The two monitors are mounted on a hinged panel that can stack up at certain angles while in use and unfold back to sit flat while in transit so that the monitors and the consoles are sitting in two different partitions.