Custom Road Case for Gym Bike


Custom Road Case for Gym Bike

We present to you this custom made road case for a gym training bike of Cirque du Soleil, a highly-regarded Canadian circus producer. We have gathered the best materials to develop this road case. We used 12mm laminated plywood in black finish.

It comes with a carpet foam lining that secures the equipment while in transit. The interior dimension of this road case is 1300x630x1250 (WxDxH).

This road case features 8 2X PENN Elcom medium handles on two sides (left and right) and 2 on 1 front and rear. We have added 4 6X Penn Elcom large latches on front and rear of the road case making it very easy to push and pull.

It also comes with two tie down rings made from high strength steel for anchoring.

We have added heavy duty PENN Elcom steel ball corners and aluminum for excellent strength and finish.  There are 4×4 inches PENN Elcom castors for mobility, 2 with locks.

We always make sure our products are high-quality and durable. Every road case comes with a unique 5-year warranty.