Compared to wire rope drum hoists, chain hoists are capable to lift much heavier load, with precision, and the added safety features. A motorized lighting truss with chain hoist system can be designed to have a SWL of thousands of Kg, with much bigger span and less number of motors.

Entertainment chain hoists and control system comes with more complicated controls and safety features. Some of these motors are designed and manufactured to D8 Plus safety standard. The control system may come with advanced features such as programming, real time load monitor, etc.

Chain motor system often includes aluminum lighting trusses instead just 50mm lighting bars. As a result it can achieve much longer span and different shaped truss structure, most commonly square or circles. The system would also include energy chain cable  management system so that power and data cables are neatly hiden out of sight.

PHANTOS can design, supply and install Mode electric chain hoists with TUV/CE safety certification, with Eagle truss system which is also TUV certified.