Twin TV Road Case with Clamshell/Split Lid

Clamshell twin TV road cases are a practical choice for storing and transporting multiple monitors or display panels. What makes it different from it’s lid off counterpart is the split opening, which is much easier to manage even by one person. The twin structure makes a less narrow shape, making the case more stable and less likely to topple over. The cost of making a single TV case and a twin TV case is almost similar, so it is the perfect choice for those who transport multiple panels at a time.

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Companies and businesses that utilize and regularly transport commercial display panels and TV monitors can benefit greatly from a clamshell twin TV road case. There is always a demand for resilient road cases when it comes to moving fragile high-value items from one location to another. Since display panels are made of delicate materials, they need a storage unit that can provide protection internally and externally. The great thing about twin road cases is that they can house two TV’s each, a practical feature function-wise and price-wise.

Armor Cases creates custom TV case designs based on function or purpose, such as:

  1. Single TV cases (with or without casters)
  2. Clamshell or Lid Off Twin TV cases (with or without casters)
  3. TV cases with automatic mechanisms (i.e. motorized lifts or openings)
  4. TV cases with ramps for TV’s with built-in stands or display structures

There can still be many variations, but one of the most-requested design is the clamshell twin TV road case. It is basically a TV road case with a split lid that can house two display monitors. It comes with a center partition that can be customised to fit additional accessories such as remote controls, cable wires, extensions, routers, and the like. This type of configuration allows for maximum stability while ensuring your monitors are safe and collision free on the inside.

You can also choose to specify the materials you want for your TV road case. Typically, twin cases are made out of 12mm birch plywood for screens larger than 65″. For smaller variations, 9mm plywood can be used. These wood panels are further supported by aluminium extrusions to ensure structural strength. We only use PVC laminated premium birchwood – which is known for its superior strength, durability and resilience under harsh weather and climate. The main structure is completed with 1.5mm-2mm steel ball corners.

Road cases for multiple TV’s are particularly large, so we add several handles to make them more easy to carry. There will be handles on the side for two-person transfers. We can also add 4 bottom corner handles for easier lifting to higher areas.

The internal lining is made of the best quality EVA foam that is excellent in shock absorption. Industrial grade adhesives are used to set them in place to ensure your TV monitors are well-protected despite high velocity and turbulent movements. It also ensures your valuables remain intact throughout the harsh conditions of the Australian climate.

We will not hesitate to give you our recommendations, but your satisfaction is our priority. If you prefer to use Penn Elcom hardware, we will gladly do so. We are their business partner and would gladly make customisations as you see fit.

To see more of our work and recent projects, browse through our blog. If you have a road case design in mind, do not hesitate to reach us with your TV brand and model along with your specifics. We will get back to you as soon as we can with a reasonable quote.

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