Twin TV Road Case with Center Partition

Twin TV road case is the most popular and cost effective type of case for transporting or storing TV display panels. This is because the cost of building a road case to house only one TV panel will be close to that of building a twin TV case. Also, two TVs placed next to each other in one road case will make the case not as narrow as single TV cases and less prone to tipping over.

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Many production, rental or exhibition companies stocks TV or commercial display panels and they needs road cases to house preferably 2 screens. These road cases are stored safely in the warehouse on racks, easily handled by crew members or staff, and transported across different venues for events, exhibitions and productions.

TV road cases comes in different sizes and shapes for their different purpose. These include:

  • Single TV cases, sometime without castors
  • Twin TV cases, which can be further classified into Single lift off lid cases or clamshell TV cases
  • TV cases with built in motorised lift
  • TV case with ramp for TV on stand with wheels

Twin TV road cases is arguably the best choice for its cost and space per screen compared to other types. Twin TV cases often come with a center partition in the middle for accessories including remotes, leads and stand while having the TVs on the outside facing away from each other. This configuration distribute the weight evenly within the road case so that it is less likely to be knocked over. What’s more, 2 screens in one case also means the case can be desired close to the 600mm width which is preferred width for making the most of a standard 2.4m wide truck. The added width will also increase the stability of these cases. Consider TV cases are mostly quite narrow and they are constantly on the move by crew members either in and out of trucks via tail gates, forklifts or ramps or pushed around venues it is very important that the stability of these long and tall cases should be considered.

Twin TV cases are mostly made out of 12mm thick birch plywood for best strength. Road case for screens under 65″ can be built with 9mm plywood due to their smaller size. These plywood panels together with aluminium extrusions are of vital importance to its structural strength especailly with these bigger cases. The quality of plywood panels we choose to use are made of premium birchwood that are PVC laminated by reputable manufacturers. These panels demanstrate superior strength and stable performance under humid/wet conditions. The box is further reinforced with 30-35mm aluminium edge extrusions of 1.2mm thickness and ball corners of 1.5-2mm steel.

A large road case for TVs should come with lots of handles to make it more user friendly. There are handles on all sides of the case for two handed operations. Twin tv cases are generally moved around by 2 crew members/staff so that they can lift off the lid, then lift the large sized TV screens out of the case. Sometime lifting the entire road case can not be avoided. There are handles located near the bottom 4 corners for this purpose.

We use the best quality EVA foam for internal lining and cut out in our TV road cases because EVA foam are much more heavy duty than some other foam such as PE while still soft enough to absorb shocks and cushions your TV screens from inevitable knocks and scratches. These EVA foam are applied with industrial grade adhesives to grab firmly to the plywood panel despite Australia’s notorious harsh conditions such as extreme heat, extremely wet or dry weather and wildly fluctuating daily temperatures.

Although we do not hesitate to recomend you to use hardware that we have carefully tested and sourced oursevelves to build these road cases, you can always specify Penn Elcom hardware for peace of mind. Penn Elcom distribute industry recognised hardware for road cases that are well worth the money and we are their loyal business partner over the years building road cases of different kinds.

Please browse our blog section for some of the twin TV road case we built for our customers and contact us with the brand and model of your TV, your preferred road case configuration and hardware choice, and we will be able to give you a quote.

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