Touring Performance Wardrobe Road Case

Music bands touring around the country often require costume cases to have their props and costumes stored in an organized way.


Product details

Costume road cases are wardrobes on the road for the busy bands touring around the country. They are obviously big compared to many other road cases due to the fact that bulky items like costumes, props, clothing, and accessories are to be transported in them.

A clamshell-style costume road case is probably the most user-friendly case of this type because the road case splits in half when it opens and there is not a dedicated door or front lid, allowing you to put a few of such road cases next to each other with easy access to any of them without having to get the doors out of the way first.

To ensure many years of problem-free service on the busy road, we build these cases out of premium E1 grade 12mm plywood with Penn-Elcom hardware and castor wheels. These road cases often come with at least one clothes hanger pole and probably a few drawers for smaller items. Handling a large road case like this one will require at least 2 people. As a result, plenty of large handles on all sides of the road case is a must to ensure the safety of the road case and crew members.

If you are a touring manager looking to replace your old costume road cases, we appreciate the opportunity to talk to you and provide a quote. We can design your road case based on your detailed request and produce a 3D visual for you to comment on and confirm. Our prices are competitive and we understand professional users demand reliable road cases that do not fail.

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