Piano Road Transport Protective Case

Transporting expensive performance pianos between warehouse and venues? You can bank on Armor to custom design a road case that is robust, reliable and easy to use.

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Performance pianos are expensive and delicate music instrument and are cumbersome, making handling them a challenge. For the safety of the equipment as well as personnel that are moving these pianos, road cases must be designed to be easy to handle to minimize the risk of injuries and damages.

Most piano cases are designed to have shallow bases so as to make it easier to lift them out. A clamshell lid design might also be needed if the lid becomes too big to handle. 12MM premium plywood panels and Penn Elcom hardware are commonly used to ensure a road case of this size stays sturdy on the busy road for many years to come. Foam cutout design is important to provide extra cushion to the piano in times of impact. For pianos with removable legs, a separate compartment can be designed to hold and secure them in place.

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