Lighting Console Road Case for Onyx NX-Wing


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The Obsidian Control System Onyx NX-Wing is a rebranding and upgrade of Martin Professional’s M2Go lighting console under the wing of Elation. PHANTOS is currently reselling the Onyx series of consoles in Australia and has asked us to design and supply a road case for Onyx NX-Wing with doghouse for a Mini PC, a flip-down monitor screen and a slide-out tray for keyboard and mouse combo.

The concept of this fly-pack system is to have the NX-Wing to work like an NX2 console although not as compact. The upside of this setup is a much bigger touchscreen plus saving a few thousand bucks. This option is appealing to lighting production companies that have larger lighting consoles but need a backup system in place. It also makes a complete lighting console available to designers/freelancers at a very affordable price.

This road case has been designed so that the system is plug and play. Adjustable torque hinges are used to allow the lighting operator the adjust the angle of his touch screen on different occasions. A slam latch door is provided for easy access to the dog house.

Penn Elcom H2026 corner handles are used on the lid to make handling of this case as easy as possible. A label dish on top is essential for easy and quick identification of your road case in the warehouse and at a job.

This customized NX-wing flight case has Obsidian Onyx logos engraved to its panels and we can offer to engrave customers’ logo and other marking preferred on the road case. We offer plywood panels in a few different colors as we understand many companies prefer road cases in a color other than black.

If you like this road case but have a MA Commander Wing, Hoglet, ETC ION XE, Chamsys PC wing, Avolites Titan Mobile, LSC Clarity VX20 Playback Wing, or a Jands S1 control surface, we can design a similar road case for you.  We will also need to know:

  • Brand and Model of Keyboard and mouse combo
  • Brand and Model of Monitor
  • Brand and model of Mini PC

If you have a lighting console with an additional fader wing, we have a road case design for that with dual touch screens and drawers.

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