Guitar Traveller Flight Case Triple Vault


This is a guitar traveller flight case designed to hold three guitars. It can be made with either plywood or flight panels depending on your travel needs. The design is very robust and can be made lightweight for easier handling.

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Product details

The most secure way to travel with your guitars is to use a road case. This guitar traveller flight case has three vaults to hold three guitars in total.

If you anticipate majority of your trips to be air travels, this case is very suitable. You are primarily given the option to have this case made with either plywood panels or flight panels. The latter is much lighter – about 40% less than plywood. Since you can save on luggage costs by keeping your total luggage weight at below 23 kgs, you may choose to use flight panels for your case. It is designed with casters for added convenience too.

This particular guitar traveller flight case has a standard design of three vaults for just the guitars. However, you can ask for additional pockets or racks for smaller accessories and such. The interior of the case can be lined with carpet, foam or velvet. If you have specific colours in mind, we can customise as needed. We also offer branding add-ons for your business or company. If you need additional shock protection, we can also create a more robust interior design with additional foam inserts.

You can check out this case drawing – Guitar Traveller Vault Trio 3 for you to have a better idea of how this guitar traveller flight case looks like. You can also check this other guitar flight case for other options.

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Panel Type

Plywood Panel, Flight Panel