Guitar Amplifier Head/Cab/Combo Road Case

Armor Road Cases can design and build quality and user-friendly road cases for your line array speakers. Contact us today for a competitive quote.

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Whether you are a backline rental company having lost of different guitar amp heads, cabs, or combos to transport between warehouse and venues, or you are a musician often on the road between gigs, you need road cases to protect your expensive and beloved assets. Banking on years of experience in building road cases for different brands, we can assure you that our cases are built tough, looks beautiful, and also user friendly.

Depending on the size of the amp, the road case can be a straight forward lift-off lid style case, like what we did for Fender Music Australia. Alternatively, it can be protected by a live-in style road case with a rear access door for cables. Both options offer mobility and durability at the same time. There is also a third option of having the road case with front and rear removable lids and foam shock-proof design.

We build these amplifier head and combo road cases with premium plywood panels of 9mm or 12mm depending on the size of the equipment. Premium selected Armor hardware or Penn Elcom hardware are available for your choice depending on your preference and budget. We offer 5 years warranty on all cases and we offer competitive prices to audiovisual production companies who need quality road cases from time to time.

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