Custom Made Guitar Road Case with Hinged Lid


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Do you need a custom made guitar road case? We can customise road cases for your guitars so you can transport them safely from one location to another.

We specialise in custom made guitar road case that can accommodate different guitar variations like this 5-version guitar road case.  Considering the weight and height of each guitar, we ensure every road case has the correct proportions and measurement.  It can house electronic guitars, base guitars, and acoustic guitars.

We understand that guitars are expensive and precious for performers and musicians. This is the reason why we build our road cases using the best materials available. This custom made guitar road case is built using 9mm laminated plywood in black finish. The interior is lined with 10mm EVA foam to hold the guitars in place. The bottom is layered with rubber to keep the guitars flat when stood upright.


  • Materials: 99mm laminated plywood
  • Colour: Black
  • EVA foam lining
  • 5 Divisions
  • 4 Castor wheels
  • 8 Lockable medium-sized latch
  • 4 Recessed handles

The front lid is removable allowing full access to the guitars. However, we used a hinged lid for the top cover to maintain its frame in exact position when opening. The hinge also dissipates any pressure upon opening therefore minimizing the wear and tear of the road case.

The top cover is secured with a 2 lockable medium-sized latched and 4 lockable medium-sized latches for the front lid. There are six recessed handles to easily move the road case around. We also installed recessed corner castors which allow the unit to be wheeled along.  This custom made guitar road case has a sturdy construction to carry multiple guitars. It gives you more confidence knowing that your musical instruments are safe and sound as you carry them from location to another location.

Need another version of this guitar road case? We can design a road case tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us so we can give you a quote.



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