ARMOR L2208M Medium Butterfly Latch/Catch w/ Offset Matt


This is one of our medium recessed butterfly latches with offset to accommodate groove, tongue & hybrid extrusions. It requires a two-piece dish assembly. It has 10 mounting holes and is made from steel with matte blue zinc finish (similar to Penn-Brite).

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Product details

This medium recessed road case butterfly latch is made of 1.2mm 18 gauge steel with 100Kg load and is suitable for small to medium road cases of upto approx. 1.2M long. medium butterfly latches are the most popular type of latches thanks for their built quality and better value for money compared to the larger latches.

This matt-chrome plated latch comes with a 30mm offset so that it can hug tongue and groove extrusions perfectly. Being a recessed latch, it leaves an almost flush surface after it is installed thus reduces the chances of damages. This latch is also padlock-able for added security.

We recommend this large latches if you are building a road case with 12mm plywood panels. We have put together a list of matching hardware below for your convenience. If you are building a smaller case less than 800mm long you can choose medium-sized recessed latches instead.

If you choose to build your road case with matt chrome hardware, the below list can be very helpful in putting together your order.

You probably will also be using 9mm plywood to build your medium-sized road case, so below are links to the panels and extrusions:

Note the cost of matt-chrome plated hardware is a little more expensive than chrome plated ones. If you do not want to pay the extra just for the different looks, you can order the same medium-sized road case latch in chrome.

Happy building, and remember to share your finished road case with us via Facebook for a 20% discount on your next order.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm
External Size

Top Piece: 106*45 (W*D) Base Piece: 106*71 (W*D)




1.0MM Steel w/ Zinc Finish

Cut Size

Top Piece: 75*30 (W*D) Base Piece: 75*55 (W*D)