ARMOR L-SY57C Surface-Mount Drawbolt Latch with Key Lock


This surface-mounted draw-bolt latch with key lock for small road cases is easy and quick to install and helps to reduce the weight of your flight case.

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Product details

This small surface-mount drawbolt latch makes building a protective flight case at home a lot easier than using the recessed type latches. Cutting holes on the plywood panel to fit in your recessed latches can take time, skill, and experience to get it done professionally. This drawbolt latch, together with surface-mount handles mean no holes need to be cut on your board at all. The key lock is an added security feature that is very useful.

The downside of this drawbolt is that they stick out more than the recessed type thus they are more likely to get caught and hit when not handled carefully. As a result, we only recommend using these if you are transporting the case with your own vehicle. These latches will last for many years just like the recessed ones until they are damaged by external forces.  If you plan to ship the cases via couriers in trucks, not under your control, then you should consider using recessed handles and latches.

The other good thing about these surface mount latches is they weigh a lot less than the recessed type since they do not have a recessed dish. When making a small flight case intended to be as light as possible you can cut down weight by 40% by using smaller surface mount hardware and thinner plywood panels such as 6mm board.  Over time, it will help to save your back carrying a lightweight flight case from venue to venue every week.

If you are not sure which other materials and hardware that will normally go with such a light-duty case, below are a list of them for your convenience:

We love to see your finished case and please share your finished road case to our Facebook and we will record a 20 dollars discount for your next purchase. Consider that as a few coffees from us to help you keep building at home.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm

1.2MM Steel