Workstation Road Cases

Workstation Road Cases

Flypack or Airpack system cases are a great way to combine safety and portability when it comes to large quantities of delicate and valuable equipment. Commonly used by production companies, workstation road cases are built to house an entire A/V console system and allow immediate use through fixed storage configurations.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced designer and builder of workstation road cases, look no further than Armor Cases.

Drawer Road Cases with Built-in Lid Table

One of our standard workstation road cases design, multiple drawers can be tailor-fit to any number and size depending on the equipment you have to store. The lid opens sideways and has telescopic legs folded inside that stretches out to make a table extension. We can also make arrangements for two lid tables side by side or an extendable lid length.

We primarily use laminated plywood of up to 12mm in width, so you can expect a heavy duty but compact table to work on. To ease the difficulty of transferring the workstation, we can apply wheels with locks to ensure they stay in place during jobs.

TWL RCD011 Armor workstation rack cases
Armor workstation road cases

Workstation Rack Case with Monitor Display and Pull-out Shelf

If you tend to use monitors or display panels during you’re A/V events, you will appreciate workstation road cases that have: 1. storage for all your gadgets and monitors 2. Has a built-in pull-out shelf that can serve as a work table.

The particular design on the left gives you support for two monitors on the lid and numerous racks and compartments on the bottom for equipment like routers, control boxes, sound modems, etc. A pull-out mounted laminated plywood can be added to provide additional work area so that you can work immediately right after setting up. We use Penn Elcom hardware for the best and sturdiest road case structures.

Road Cases with Detachable Lid Table

A great way to maximize your investment on workstation road cases is to ask for a design that can cater to multiple needs. This particular case variation gives you support and storage for your equipment, as well as a detachable lid that converts into a separate work table. What’s great about this design is that you are not limited to just one area. You can easily transfer the table where you need it most and then put it back on during pack-ups. You save time and money by eliminating the need for a separate work table and then also make transport easier by minimizing the number of equipment you need to load and unload each time.

roadcase parra council2 Armor Workstation Road Cases
ETC ION 1 Armor Workstation Road Cases

Compact Plug & Play Workstations

If you have a small set of valuable equipment you want to keep safe during air and road travels, compact workstation road cases are the best fit. We know that not everyone has dozens of equipment to carry during jobs. In fact, most control systems only consist of a monitor, connection box and a few input/output tools. We can design a hand-carry case that can fit all your main gadgets and customize the design to make it workable upon opening.

Take for example the road case on the left. Its lid supports the monitors while the body houses the input and output equipment. Since it’s very compact, you can easily prop it on top of a desk or any flat surface. With further customisation, we can create built-in power ports so that all your equipment can be pre-set-up and connected. Once at the venue, all you have to do is plug the power cord and you can start working.

Built to Last

5 Years Warranty on All Cases. Armor is committed to producing only the highest quality road cases. Our cases are expertly designed and carefully made to pass all performance standards to ensure the safety of all your important belongings.

Custom Design Development

We design our cases with one thing in mind – your overall satisfaction. We collect all valuable information, create a design and present to you a 3D CAD preview of the product before proceeding to production.

High Precision Manufacturing and Production

Our trusted craftsmen follow a streamlined manufacturing process to translate your approved design to a road case masterpiece. The 3D preview serves as the basis for all cuttings for workshop up to the final completion of the product.

We love a challenge. Tell us about your custom workstation road case with all the specifics you can think of. We also provide design suggestions. Send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible.