Stackable custom size case for entertainment equipment

Our customer came to us with the requirement of a case to hold a particular piece of equipment that had some specified dimensions. Additionally, the customer required that the cases were stack able and stable when stacked.  Our team of experts were able to effectively design an appropriate solution for the customers needs, and as such a strong and durable case was fabricated.

Convenient and effective

CP1200P-1175 (3)

This case is able to be stacked while still remaining stable thanks to some clever design. It can still be pushed around and remain stable without tipping over. 

Labels and Branding

CP1200P-1175 (8)

This case has a large label dish where customers can easily insert labels or logos of their respective companies. Additionally, with a corner handle equipped the lid can easily be opened and closed.

Stylish and Practical exterior

CP1200P-1175 (7)

This case comes with strong 9MM panels to ensure it can withstand the loads it is put under. A black hexa glossy texture is added to the exterior to ensure it has an aesthetically pleasing profile. Two recessed handles are attached to either end of the case to ensure it can be carried in practical and safe manner.

Functionality and ease of use

CP1200P-1175 (9)

This case is equipped with 2 lid stays placed co-linearly with the hinge to limit its range of motion and prevent over extensions of the hinges. This means that the lid does not need to lean against a wall as the lid stays will prevent the lid from rotating past a certain  angle.