Road Case Screen Printing

There are a number of ways to put your logo on your road case: screen printing, stencil, and laser engraving.

Stencils are used by many production companies to label their cases with numbers but they do not produce good quality images. Screen printing can produce more complicated artwork at a higher definition.  Screen printing of business logos is a good way of branding and identifying your road cases among others.

In the rental, exhibition, and entertainment production industry it is very common that your road cases can be mixed up with cases from other companies in use and in storage. Apart from using a unique color for your case panels, you can screen print your logos on the road case for easier identification as well as branding purposes.

We currently offer 2 different print sizes and if your logo is larger it can be achieved by using multiple print frames.

There is a downside of screen printing: cost, both financial and environmental. For each artwork design, there needs to be a dedicated print frame. Print frames can be reused many times but they need to be cleaned after use. The cleaning process takes time and also consumes cleaning solutions.

Laser engraving is more efficient, cost-effective while producing high-quality images.