Road Case of Your Color

The benefit of having your road case made in certain colors rather than just plain black includes improved branding and easier identification.

Color is part of your business branding. It is incorporated into your company logo, website design, your office, shop, or factory fit-out. Having your road case in the same will help to enhance your brand image.

Most road cases you come across are in black, so having yours in a different color would make it stand out and hard to miss. This can be especially useful at exhibition centers, and entertainment venues, where it is likely that your road case will be mixed up with others in storage space or simply can get lost laying in a dark corner. Road cases in colors other than black will be harder to miss when it is time to pack things down with tens of cases on-site.

We currently offer selected color panels to make your road cases. Please feel free to enquire with your preferred color to find out if we have them available.

If we do not stock the color you require, we can also get our panels to be processed by a professional paint shop.