Road Case for Yamaha PM5 Audio Console

Yamaha PM5 Audio console

Our customer, The P.A. People, is a specialist integrator and contractor in sound reinforcement, audio visual systems, performance lighting and production communications for almost 50 years. They had a requirement for robust road case for transporting Yamaha PM5 audio console. Our team of experts has come up with an ideal solution to their problem. The road case for Yamaha PM5 audio console is easy to operate even by a single user who can pack/un-pack it as per his/her requirements.

Unique split-lid design

The case has a unique three layered split-lid design. The top lid has to be detached first and then the front lid. The audio mixer console sits inside the front lid with a sliding plywood plank underneath, provided to place keyboard and mouse. The plank is large enough to accommodate keyboard of any make available in the market. Good quality foam inserts have been provided to keep the console in an upright position.

Optimum storage space

Yamaha PM5 is perfect for audio mixing professionals and it comes with a combination of Control Surface CS-R5, DSP Engine, I/O Racks, Audio interface Cards and Network Switches. The road case is a complete transport solution as it has space for storing all the necessary accessories of the console. There are two storage compartments in the top lid to store keyboard, mouse, cables and other accessories. Both the storage sections are secured using slam latches. These can be accessed anytime by the user.

Stylish exteriors and useful interiors

The Yamaha Rivage PM5 Audio Mixer Console is a heavy control surface weighing about 42kg. The body of the case has been made with 12mm laminated plywood panels to give ample strength to the case. The interiors are lined with protective EVA paddings so that the shocks and jerks arising during transportation can be absorbed and the equipment stays protected. The exteriors have glossy, honey combed finish which make the case attractive. 

The case can be easily operated by a single user. Corner handles have been integrated in the top and front lids to remove them single-handedly. The case has medium recessed side handles for smooth navigation during transit. The lids stay affixed to the case by butterfly latches. 

 If you are looking for a road case to carry the delicate Yamaha PM5 audio mixing console along with its components, please do drop a message and our team shall get in touch with you.

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