Tall Boy Drawer Road Case for Office and Living

Create a stylish but functional work or living area at home orĀ  at your office with our tall boy drawer road case. It comes in a leather or wood grain finish to match any interior design theme.


Product details

Having enough storage whether at home or at work is the key to a more organised lifestyle. Our tall boy drawer road case was designed to answer common storage problems. It is not just a regular storage solution. It is also designed to become a centerpiece if need be. With different finishes to choose from, you can create a new look for your work or living area without sacrificing storage capacity and style.

This particular drawer road case comes in a standard five-drawer design. However, this can be changed depending on your needs and dimensions. All measurements can also be personalised to match your available space. We are giving you the option to have the case come in a leather finish or a wood grain finish. Shades and colors can also be discussed as per your preference.

This tall boy drawer road case is a great solution for those who need a stylish storage item that doesn’t occupy much floor space. It also comes with casters for easier moving. Because it mostly occupies space vertically, you are left with more floor space for other necessary furniture. The number of drawers can be changed, as well as, the inside configuration depending on what you plan to store inside the case.

For personalised or modified designs, you can call us for the specifics. We can accommodate bulk orders and rush jobs on a case per case basis.

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