Suspended Lightweight Shock Mount System Rack Case

Suspended shock mount rack case consists of a full shock mount cage suspended on 8 polymer bushes with up to 200KG load capacity and is front and rear useable.

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Product details

lightweight suspended shock mount rack case is designed to reduce impact shock and vibration to rack-mounted equipment. These road cases offer a range of height including 2U, 4U, 6U, and 8U and with different depth, measured from front rack strip to rear strip, available at 350mm, 450mm, 510mm, and 550mm. There is also a 15U height option only available at 550mm depth.

This road case will be built with 9.0mm plywood with double-sided laminate and installed with a Penn Elcom 8700 suspended rack mount system that is suitable for your application. The rack case can come with either front and rear removable lids, or slam doors if preferred. We also offer the option to allow you to stack and lock different rack cases on top of each other using Penn Elcom valance spanning overlatches. This system can also lock your rack cases onto a removable castor board.

This suspended rack case can also be built using an 8800 series of anti-vibration system available from Penn Elcom. This system allows longer gap of 750mm front to rear.



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