Stainless Steel Plain Washer, M8, 16MM Dia 1.6MM Thickness


This stainless steel ring-shaped M8 washer works with M8 sized bolt, Tee-nut as well as spring when mounting the swivel castor board to a road case.

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Thes plain washers combined with coil spring washers and M8 bolts will ensure castors are securely attached to the castor board. Road cases are constantly loaded into the back of a truck and have to deal with a lot of vibrations on the road. So it is important that castors are installed securely using plain and spring washers.

We put together a list of hardware for use with swivel castors below for your convenience:

  • 16X M8 Tee-Nuts
  • 16X M8X35MM Bolts (when working with road case built with 9mm or 12mm plywood panels, and using 18mm plywood panel as castor board).
  • 16X M8 Plain Washer
  • 16X M8 Split Lock Spring Washer

Feel free to give us a call when you have any questions and don’t forget to share your finished road case to our Facebook for a 20 dollars credit to be applied to your next order. Happy building.






304 Stainless Steel